Relaxed & natural wedding photography for loved-up easygoing couples in Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and beyond. 

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for loved-up, easygoing couples

Wedding photography is so much more than just the click of a shutter. It’s about creating images that bring you back, each and every time you look at them, to that exact moment: the emotion, the laughter, the tears of joy.


It’s my mission to ensure the entire process is stress-free for you. I make it simple, keep it light, and focus on those precious, loving moments. Instead of endless formal photos with stiff or awkward smiles, your wedding album will be filled with relaxed images taken as your day naturally unfolds.


Does this sound like the photography experience you’re seeking for your wedding? 

"These [photos] are wonderful, thank you so much! We love them! They are beautifully shot. We love the light of the photos and the variety. We also appreciate the way you made us look like us being us, feeling relaxed and not looking stilted as we sometimes do."

– Claire & Richard

My style is relaxed, natural

and detail-inspired.

Your wedding photography is what I'm passionate about. I adore capturing all the tiny details and creating relaxed, heartfelt and beautiful images which not only remind you of what your wedding day looked like, but what it felt like too.